A history to be proud of

The founding of Ledstores

Ledstores was created in 2012 by the then 27-year-old Kemal Tas. He started selling LED strips to consumers through Marktplaats, from his home in Amsterdam. He then ended up converting the attic into a mini-warehouse of 10m2.

He filled all the shelves with various types of LED strips and accessories. There appeared to be a lot of demand for these type of products, so he soon started shipping several parcels daily throughout the Netherlands.

Each parcel was carefully packed, all questions from customers were answered with care, and he delivered the packages to the post office. It turned out to be a lot of work in addition to having a full-time job, so soon, the first employee was hired.

First online store in the Netherlands

De enorme vraag naar de producten legde een goede basis om de eerste eigen webwinkel te bouwen: ledstrip-specialist.nl. De site was er specifiek voor consumenten, met een assortiment van sfeerverlichting voor thuisgebruik.

Orders increased rapidly, filling the attic room, so it was no longer suitable as a warehouse. The rest of the house was also now used as a storage space, which led to the search for proper business premises.

First business premises

The first business premises opened in 2013, at 70 Veemarkt in Amsterdam. The location of 100m2 allowed the company to grow further. The new premises allowed ten times more space for racks than the attic room, and there was even enough space for a small showroom.

The showroom allowed customers to test products, something that turned out to be popular and in high demand. The amount of work continued to increase, and Ledstores could expand the team to 5 employees.

Web store in Belgium

Web store in Belgium The demand in Belgium increased rapidly as well, so soon it became inevitable to open a web store there. In addition to the Dutch market, Belgium became a vital part of continuous growth for the company.


The growth of Ledstores continued due to the constant demand for qualitative LED lighting. The business premises became too small, and it was time to move once again. This location had 320m2 and three times more space available for product stock.

Webshop for commercial lighting

The first B2B web store was founded: ledpaneelgroothandel.nlto provide the business and commercial market with high-quality, sustainable LED lighting.

Expanding in Germany and Austria

The international adventure in Belgium was a success so it was natural to expand to Germany and Austria for further growth. ledpanelgrosshandel.dewas launched, aimed at the commercial business market.

Extra storage for more space

The successful growth of Ledstores in Europe required even more space. A new warehouse was found in Weesp, with 700 m2 of space to keep all the extra stock and to be able to deliver at lightning speed.

Web shops for France, Italy and Denmark

A new webshop was opened first in France:dalleled.fr,then Italy:pannelloled.itand lastly Denmark (ledpanelengros.dk).

Time for a new corporate identity

With a new corporate identity, Ledstores transformed into a more professional look, suitable for a scale-up company. The primary colour became purple, as the choice of many royal houses, representing ambition, luxurious style and wealth.

Purple is uplifting, calming and stimulates creativity. The new identity increased marketability and brought more added value to our high-quality products. LEDstores guarantees the best quality at a low price, and the colour purple communicates that message perfectly.

New webshops for Spain and the UK

With the new and fresh corporate identity, we launched on new markets and webshops were launched in the United Kingdom and Spain.

A massive warehouse in a new location

In 2019, it was time for the most massive move so far; the old business premises of 300m2 exchanged for a mega hall of 2,500m2. The new space allowed us to place 1,500 pallets, in addition to 300m2 of office space and a spacious showroom where customers can test all our products.

With an international team of 50+ employees, we manage to ship all our LED lights; to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, the United Kingdom and Denmark, all made from this mega warehouse.

Ledstores expands in the North

In addition to Denmark, we opened webshops catering to the Nordic market in Finland (arcticled.fi), and Sweden (arcticled.se).

Ledstores schiet omhoog in 2021

Het jaar 2021 was een jaar van aanzienlijke groei voor Ledstores. Door de uitbraak van het coronavirus heeft de e-commerce markt een significante impuls gekregen, en Ledstores was daar geen uitzondering op. We wisten ons te onderscheiden door opnamen in de top 250 snelst groeiende bedrijven, een FD Gazelle Award en een vermelding in de Twinkle100, wat resulteerde in een gigantisch jaar voor Ledstores.

Een nieuwe en verbeterde online ervaring

In 2022 hebben we belangrijke verbeteringen aangebracht in onze webwinkels. Met trots presenteren we onze nieuwe domeinnamen LED24.nl (voorheen ledstrip-specialist.nl) en LED24.fr (voorheen dalleled.fr). Bovendien hebben we onze e-commerce ervaring naar een hoger niveau getild door de overstap te maken van CCV naar Lightspeed, wat resulteert in een verbeterde winkelervaring voor onze klanten en meer gebruikersgemak.

Nieuw kantoor én distributiecentrum

We zijn er trots op onze groei en professionalisering verder te kunnen uitbouwen door ons kantoor en magazijn uit elkaar te halen. Ons nieuwe en comfortabele kantoor is een perfecte werkomgeving voor ons team, terwijl onze voorraad in vertrouwde handen is bij een top-notch fulfilment center. Dit stelt ons in staat om nog beter en efficiënter in te spelen op de wensen van onze afnemers.

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Mission, Vision and Core Values

Ledstores wil marktleider in LED-verlichting zijn voor zowel zakelijke als particuliere klanten in West-Europa. Dat bereiken we met producten van de hoogste kwaliteit voor de laagste prijs. We investeren continu in onderzoek en ontwikkeling en houden de ontwikkelingen goed in de gaten, zodat we onze positie in de markt verder kunnen verbeteren.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ledstores is a partner of MVO Nederland. We believe it is essential to deal responsibly with our planet, the people and our profits. planeet, de people als onze profits.


We supply sustainable, and energy-saving LED lighting to companies, institutions, organizations and consumers.

Energy neutral

It is our dream to provide sustainable energy LED-lighting for all companies in the Netherlands by 2030. In this way, we reduce the negative impact on the environment.


With waste separation bins for plastic, cardboard, organic, glass and residual waste, unrecyclable waste becomes history. Besides our recycling bins, we repair defective returns and donate them to second-hand sellers.

Environmental awareness

We, of course, use LED lighting across all our facilities and we do not support the regular use of disposable cups and cutlery in our company canteen. We want to lead by a good example and inspire other companies too.

Climate compensation

For every 100 orders we ship, we place a tree in Uganda and in the Netherlands. In 2019 we managed to plant 516 trees to compensate for our CO2 emissions. We hope to increase this number each year.

Energy consumption

Our high-quality LED lighting helps to save up to 70% energy, which prevents rapid depletion of non-renewable energy sources.


We regularly donate LED products to the food bank, as do other non-profit organizations and associations. We want to make a difference beyond good lighting.

Sharing LED Knowledge

At Ledstores, we feel the responsibility to share our expertise and knowledge about LED. We do this by providing free guest lectures and presentations at organizations and educational institutions.

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