We at Ledstores are well aware of our social role and responsibility, therefore embrace all kinds of initiatives for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). When making business decisions, we always try to consider both the profit and the consequences for our planet and people.

We strive for optimal value creation to create a balance between people, planet and profit. It is achieved through a strong focus on innovation and social responsibility through active involvement and interest from our employees, customers, suppliers and social organizations and other stakeholders. In addition, we always communicate transparently and account for all our (business) choices.

We base our CSR strategy on the OECD guidelines, the ILO standards, ISO 26000 and the SER reports "The profit of values" and "International corporate social responsibility". Our motto is "Be the change you want to see in the world".


People, planet & profit

With every business decision, we balance the consequences and influences for people, planet and profit.


Carbon footprint

At Ledstores, we strive for the smallest possible carbon footprint and ecological impact. We limit the environmental impact, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Wellness and employability

The wellness, employability and development of all our employees are equally important factors that we consider in our long-term strategy.



We strive for a diverse staff composition. We do not discriminate and strive for an inclusive environment with all genders, origins, cultures and ages.


Equal opportunities

At Ledstores we want to help create opportunities for groups that tend to have a more difficult position on the labour-market.


Social and environmental aspects

When sourcing our products and making agreements with our suppliers, we always take social and environmental aspects into account.


Durable products

We are constantly looking for new opportunities for even more sustainable and longlasting products and services within our field.



We are always open to new collaborations and partnerships to actively share our knowledge and experience.


Impact on society

Through the choices we make, we like to contribute to the quality of life in the places and regions in which we operate and impact.

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