New: Information duty energy saving

New: Information duty energy saving

The Environmental Activities Decree requires companies and institutions (establishments) to save energy. In 2019 this regulation changes.

Besides the existing energy saving duty there is now an information duty for institutes that consume more than 50.000 kWh electricity or 25.000 m³ of natural gas(equivalent) a year.

With this information duty, the government and businesses want to encourage energy saving. By this, the CO2-reduction in the Netherlands will get an implus.

Does this information duty counts for you?

Does your institution use more than 50.000 kWh electricty or 25.000 m3 natural gas(equivalent)? With the roadmap information duty energy saving you can determine whether the information and energy saving duty counts for your institution.

Institutions that do not have information duty

Do you have a company with an energy audit obligation (EED)?

It is possible that you, besides the information duty energy saving, also have an EED-audit duty for your company. The EED-duty depends on factors such as number of employees, turnover and balance sheet.

In this case, you report your energy savings for the information duty in eLoket by 5 december 2019.

What does the information duty contain?

Do you have information duty for your institution? Then, you have to report which energy saving measures you took in eLoket at by 1 july 2019.

As a starting point, use the Erkende Maatregelenlijst energiebesparing (EML) for your branch. This contains energy saving measures with a pay back time of 5 years or less. An EML has been developed for 19 different branches. For reporting the information duty, the eLoket is avalaible since 28 february 2019 at

When do you report for the information duty?

By 1 july 2019, you report which energy measures you took in eLoket. The monthly schedule is as follows:

  • 28 February 2019: eLoket opens for reporting energy saving measures
  • 5 March 2019: publication in the Staatscourant of the current EML for 19 branches
  • 19 March 2019: webinar Informatieplicht en eLoket
  • April 2019: the current annex 10 of the activities decree shall enter into force
  • May 2019: XML-upload for institutions available
  • 1 July 2019: deadline for reporting in eLoket to fulfill the information duty

How do you prepare for the information duty?

  1. See the introductionfilm information duty energy saving
  2. Use the roadmap information duty energy saving to check whether your institution has the information duty energy saving.
  3. Do you have information duty? Then determine with the roadmap which EML applies for your branch and what it means. The roadmap is an aid. The actual reporting has to be done in eLoket.
  4. Purchase eHerkeningsmiddel layer 1. What you must do, is set out in the roadmap.
  5. Go through, before reporting, the complete EML for your branch on energy saving measures taken by you. No EML for your institution? Then list the energy saving measures you have taken.
  6. See the introductionfilm about eLoket before reporting and use the instruction manual
  7. Report the taken measures in eLoket by 1 July 2019.

Measures where Ledstores can help:

Prevent needless burning of outdoor lighting, so lighting only burns when it's dark or when it detects motion
Preventing needless burning of interior lighting in breaks and outside working hours
Installed capacity limit indoor
Installed capacity limit advertisement lighting
Installed capacity limit accentlighting
Installed capacity limit outdoor

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