From 2023 all offices are obligated to meet energy requirments with a minimum C label upwards

From 2023 all offices are obligated to meet energy requirments with a minimum C label upwards

In the fight against climate change, the government likes to help. For example by providing subsidies for companies investing in LED lighting, but also by setting limits on sustainability and energy conservation. Thus the government announced that offices from January 1, 2023 may only be used when it has an energylabel C or higher (which equates to an energy index of 1.3 or better). This requirement is due to the amendment of the Building Act 2012.

Regulation only applies to large offices

If you have a small office and you are wondering how this should be done, we can reassure you. This legislation only includes large firms with at least 100 square meters. The rules apply not only to individual firms but also for office buildings in combination. In addition, these so-called label requirement applies not only to the office, but also for other areas such as meeting rooms and canteens. The label requirement does not apply when these areas cover more than half of the total surface of the building.

How can you meet these regulations?

There are of course many different ways to save energy. It is also relatively easy to reach the C-label by doing some measures. However, it is important that you do not choose energy measures that just meet the C label; rather choose the so-called 'no-regret' adjustments that you choose for optimal durability and energy savings. Then you are prepared for the future. A good way to deal with sustainable energy, is to let your current fluorescent or halogen lighting replace with LED lights. In a fluorescent lamp 90% of the energy goes to heat emission, this percentage is nil with LED lighting. With LED lighting a lot of energy is being saved. LED office lighting can ensure that your firm complies with the new regulations, but also provides significant lower energy bills.


As a general rule offices that do not have label C can not be used on January 1, 2023. It is up to the municipality to enforce this obligation. How this is done exactly and what penalties will be imposed if you fail to comply with the regulations, is also on the council. To avoid this it is important that you make energy-saving measures to meet them. In addition, this is not the only reason for choosing energy-saving measures; it will also save you a lot of monthly costs.

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