Ledstores is a partner of MVO Nederland!

Ledstores is a partner of MVO Nederland!

MVO Nederland is the biggest sustainable company network of Europe. Together with 2500 entrepreneurs, we are a movement that accelerates the transition to a new economy. A healthy economy which combines positive financial results with the care of our planet and people. We go for maximum impact, nationally and internationally.

We are working on climate-neutral, circular and inclusive business models and sustainable supply chains. We set the agenda, expand the market for sustainable innovations, creating mass and lobbying in the Netherlands and Europe for ambitious public policies on corporate social responsibility.

Our network is growing and is open to entrepreneurs with sustainable ambitions.


We focus in particular on these four sustainability themes, with an emphasis on innovation and scaling:

  • Climate neutral entrepreneurship
  • Circular economy: doing business without waste
  • Inclusive entrepreneurship: each talent, with or without constraints, counts
  • Inclusive and sustainable business in the chain: business with added value for people and the environment, human rights and good working conditions are the norm


Much of our work takes place in groups, networks and coalitions of partners. Our vision is that entrepreneurs can take bigger steps together to work in the field of sustainability and innovation. MVO Nederland therefore facilitates all kinds of networks and coalitions of companies that have a shared challenge in the field of CSR. We assist these groups, we set the bar as high as possible and we provide technical expertise. Our extensive network allows the parties to efficiently and effectively together.

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